Happy Camel Travel is a widely recognized tour operator in Mongolia established by a group of passionate travel professionals with more than a decade of experience in the travel sector.

When Bernard Van Der Haegen first arrived in 1996 as agricultural engineer, he learned how society lived and worked. In 1999 he formed a bread baking company which was well known then by tourists and the expats “Chez Bernard Café Tea Room”. Chez Bernard café was first European café with first espresso machine in Ulaanbaatar. As many tourists asked for tours, advice and logistical support, the idea rapidly came to enlarge the range of activities. Happy Camel was formed in 2001 in order to fulfil the dreams of curious adventurers.

Today we have a dedicated Happy Camel – team of guides, drivers, cooks and other contacts throughout the country who are happy to assist you while travelling in Mongolia. At our disposal we have all the needed equipment and infrastructure to offer our guests an adequate logistical support. To be in the heat of the action, our main office is located in Ulaanbaatar. We also have a contact person in Europe.

From luxury private tours with comfortable Ger camps stay in the wild open Mongolian countryside, to basic accommodation in Mongolian nomadic families, to overnights in tented camps pitched up on a picturesque spot, we offer comfortable overland cultural experiences as well as unique outdoor active adventures on horses, camels, yaks, bikes or by foot. Our outdoor experiences go as far as paragliding in central and west Mongolia, kite buggy in the Gobi desert, kite surfing on the numerous Mongolian lakes and we are the only company offering 4×4 self-driving adventures.

For those of you traveling on the Trans-Mongolian train, we will offer you a truly unique experiences of Mongolian nomadic culture in the few days stop over you have in Mongolia.

Our guides, driver, cooks and camp assistants are carefully selected. They are a group of professionals and your passionate travel companions who will make your stay in Mongolia a once in a lifetime experience.

While in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia you will stay in friendly, well maintained hotels. You will attend cultural attractions, art shows and absorbing the dramatic shift from nomadism to modernism, mingled in the capital of Mongolia.

Traveling with us to Mongolia will assure you a memorable travel experience as varied as Mongolia’s rich history and natural wonders.

Hope to see you soon in Mongolia.


We give a true thoughtful meaning to your travels aiming to create once a life-time memories and satisfaction. Our mission is to provide high quality products and services tailored trips to meet each and every one of our travellers satisfaction. Our itineraries centred on off beaten track adventure with mixture of interaction with locals, encounters with wild nature and unique nomad culture. We pride ourselves in providing only the best service, always putting our travellers first and foremost.


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