Ger Camps

Gers are traditional Mongolian tents made with wooden frames and layers of felt. The camps we stay at will have 4 beds per ger with mattresses, linens, and extra blankets. They have a central stove to keep the place cozy and a small table and chairs.

Family Stays

Enjoy free time in this scenic region and learn more about Mongolian nomadic culture. Opt to taste traditional Mongolian barbecue which is made only during ceremonies, or family celebrations

Tented Camp

Staying in tented camp is a unique experience during your countryside trip in Mongolia. You will enjoy the landscapes and fresh environment.


There is a wide variety of hotel options in Ulaanbaatar. We can make reservations on behalf of you anytime and offer you the best comfortable ones in the city.


Guesthouses in Ulaanbaatar varies based on their features. But most of the guesthouses have free wi-fi access, kitchen and front-desk services.