Mongolia is a huge country and public transport, even in and around Ulaanbaatar, is very limited. There are regular bus services from Ulaanbaatar to the aimag (province) centres and back, but no public transport will bring you any further into the countryside or to worth seeing spots. Often organised transport is the only way to get where you want.

We offer following transport facilities:

1. Rent a jeep or minivan
You don't want to book a tour through a travel company, you want to enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want and to see what you want. Rent a vehicle and discover the natural and cultural wonders of Mongolia. For more details on how to travel at less costs, see or chapter ?Budget Travel?.

We offer following jeep and minivan rental prices:

  • Russian Military Jeep with driver*
  • Russian Military Jeep with driver and Fuel*
  • Russian Military Van with driver*
  • Russian Military Van with driver and fuel*
  • Pajero Jeep with driver*
  • Pajero Jeep with Driver and Fuel*
  • Land Cruiser with driver*
  • Land Cruiser with Driver and Fuel*

Pleae send us a mail to get the updated prices.

* The driver will eat with you. If you stay in a ger camp, you will need to pay his accommodation in the staff's dormitory. If you overnight in tents, he will sleep in his jeep.

2. Self Driving in Mongolia
You want to explore Mongolia, but you want to drive your vehicle yourslef. No need for a driver. This is possible with us. We have several Land cruisers for self driving. Please not that self driving costs more than renting a Land Cruiser with driver.
3. Rent a car (in and around Ulaanbaatar)
You want to explore Ulaanbaatar and its surroundings. The best way is to rent a car with driver for the day.
4. Be picket up at the airport or railways station
After a long journey, you arrive tired at Ulaanbaatar's airport or railways station. You don't know the town and you want to be sure to get quickly and safely at your hotel or guest house.

The staff of 'Happy Camel' will be glad to come and pick you up at your arrival.

5. Book a plane ticket
For more information on local and international flight time table, please visit following web pages:

We can book all flights for you. We take 20 USD as commission to cover our costs.

Local Flight Prices:

Please send us a mail for the latest flight prices.

6. Book a train ticket
Whether you need a national or international train ticket, the staff of ?Happy Camel? will be glad to arrange all your ticket orders.

To be sure to get a seat during summer time, international train tickets have to be booked a long time in advance!

Local train timetable:

If you book a train ticket with us, we charge 20 USD for our service.

International train timetable:

For more information about train tickets between China, Mongolia and Russian, please visit the following link:

7. Book a bus ticket to Beijing (China)
Departure every Monday and Friday. Train from Ulaanbaatar to Ereen (China) and bus from Ereen to Beijing (China). The price is 125 USD.
8. From Beijing (China) to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) by local transport
Every day, busses leave Beijing (China) for the frontier town Ereen (China). The departures are between 3 and 5 PM. Busses arrive the next morning early in Ereen (China). From Ereen you cross the border by jeep for Zamiin-Ude (Mongolia) from where you will take an evening train to Ulaanbaatar. You will reach the Mongolian capital next morning.

Make your bus reservation at least 24 hours before departure in a hotel managed by Mongolians (see map hereunder). You will depart from this hotel.

The bus price is 20 USD.

Once in Ereen (China), Mongolians will help you to find a transport to cross the border into Mongolia.

Crossing the border costs 5 USD a person in a shared jeep.

Once in Zamiin-Ude (Mongolia), quickly reserve your train ticket to Ulaanbaatar.

The ticket price is 35 USD a person