Visa Support


Visa is a responsibility of travelers. The visa requirement depends on where you are from. Certain nationalities do not require visa such as Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israeli, Thailand etc.. The duration of free visa is different from country to country. Please ask us for details.

For those who need visa it is important to check with Mongolian Embassy well in advance. Your international passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Visas can be used up for 3 months from the date issued and once you enter Mongolia you can stay 30 days. If you plan more than 30 days you can prolong your visa once in Mongolia for another 30 days.

To apply for a Mongolian visa you need Invitation Letter from us.


Most embassies and consuls ask for following documents.

  1. A standard visa application form from the Embassy or Consulate where you will collect your visa

  2. 2 colour, passport sized photos (recent photos)

  3. Payment for the visa. Check with your Embassy.

  4. Passport with empty pages and at least 6 months validity

  5. Mongolia Letter of Invitation provided by us.

  6. We also recommend bringing your vouchers as well as proof of onward travel (flight tickets entering and leaving the country) and a copy of the itinerary.


Please carefully check all the information above prior to submitting.

For citizens of countries where we don’t have Mongolian Embassy or Consulate, it is possible to have on arrival visa at airport in Ulaanbaatar. There is a strict procedure to follow. Please contact us for further details.